Our Mission


Our mission is to enrich and transform the lives of persons with visual impairment, print challenges, and oral learning preference by mobilizing the Church both locally and globally to produce, promote, and perform accessible high-quality Christian audio material.


Christian Talking Book Publications, operating as Talking Book Library (TBL), will be a principal resource network for individuals and communities with visual
impairment, print challenges, or oral learning preference.



To build a community of users and volunteers who embody the life-giving ministry and are a witness to life-transformation through the Words of Life.


To enable the Christian community to make disciples locally and globally with the support of life-giving audio materials in various languages.


To partner with churches, organizations, and volunteers from a variety of cultures to produce audio materials in their


To produce life-transforming audio materials that stimulate spiritual growth in the lives of persons blind, print disabled, or orally reliant.


To design materials in formats that are accessible to audiences facing barriers due to visual impairment, oral learning styles, or language preferences.